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About Me

  • Why Pineapplelily?

    This is usually the first question I get asked!

    Lily is personal. The rest is just what came to mind. I wanted something that was colourful, cheerful, different and slightly quirky (a bit like me - on a good day!) and 'Pineapplelily' seems to tick all of those boxes...

  • How long have you been building websites

    Since 2009. I am a self-taught Freelance Web Designer. Officially I am what you would call a Front End Web Developer, but that is probably not what you would be searching for on Google!

  • A little about my background

    In no particular order....

    IT - Small Business Website Development

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    WELLBEING/COACHING - Meditation Teacher, Accredited Life Coach

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    HUMAN RESOURCES - Recruitment Consultant

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    COMMERCIAL - latter roles in Project Management & Total Productivity Manufacturing (sort of like a Business Life Coach within the work environment - improving work flow, personal accountability etc..)

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    LEISURE/HOSPITALILTY - RYA Offshore Yachtmaster ticket. Professional crew.

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    COTTAGE INDUSTRY - Unscented skincare products and handmade natural soaps for a local hotel.

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    I don't like to be bored! When I am not building websites, I can be found swatting up on my astro, having just completed a year-long Foundation level course in Psychological Astrology.

  • Who else is on your team?

    I have an assistant Jessie, but to be honest she is not very helpful. She is quite lazy and only contributes her cute looks and gentle snores in the background of my working day. I can't fire her though!

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