Advancements in technologies allow us to have utterly gorgeous looking websites. However, the gorgeousness may not be appreciated by everyone. While a website designer/developer can build you a site with lots of bells and whistles, it is worth keeping in mind who your target audience is likely to be.

For example, a fancy website can be pulled off if you are a cutting edge hairdressing salon in the city, specialising in the latest techniques and products. Your clientele may be more likely to have the latest technology which will show your website off to its max. On the other hand, if you are setting up a home help agency, then perhaps your target audience may have computers that are still using older operating systems, such as Windows XP. Charities, for example, schools and hospitals often use equipment that has not been updated for various reasons. For these viewers, some of the more modern fancy slideshows and effects may not be seen, and unless you have a separate website built especially for the older browsers, then chances are the layout may be somewhat dodgy also.

What do you look for when you visit a website?

Personally, I want to find out, almost immediately, whether it is going to have what I am looking for. It annoys me intensely when I get half way down a page and all of a sudden something jazzy is coming to life in the top right-hand corner, such as a quick moving slideshow. My concentration is broken, and I lose my place. By the time I have found it again, a pop-up window shows up asking me if I want to join a newsletter. ANNOYING! I have lost my place AGAIN!! After scrolling another inch or so amidst flashing banner ads, and distracting backgrounds and I have already kissed the website good-bye and headed back to Google. Seriously, I just want information - I don’t want to be entertained.

Slideshows are great, and I love bells and whistles BUT they have their place. They should be set up with a subtle elegance!

Always keep in mind who is going to benefit from visiting your website :)