Google gives respect, and best rankings, to sites that other sites respect. If you have a link from another site to your website, then that will show Google that others like you enough to link to you.

Not just any old site will do though. The links need to be coming from sites that are relevant to your ‘topic,’ or line of business. Random links to your site, from websites that Google consider low quality can do you more damage than good.

Join some business directories that are specific to your industry. FreeIndex and Hotfrog are free business directories.

The more quality links in (and out) of your site the better! Put your website on your Facebook account, and get active with your posting! Consider a Facebook business page. Get a Twitter account and put your domain name in your profile, tweet pearls of wisdom and useful information, at least once a day. Great for listing events, new products, special offers etc.. A live social feed on your website shows visitors (and Google) that you are current and active.

There is a fine line between writing lots of content on Facebook and Twitter and just abusing the system and being spammy. If you are tweeting, then tweet interesting things and don't  regurgitate from other sources. Be original. You can have a 'live feed' on your website which shows your latest Facebook or Twitter feeds - these posts represent who you are. Ask yourself - are they of value to a prospective customer/client? It's a good idea to keep your personal social media separate from your business :)

There are many ways that you can utilise Social Networking to help your new business. I can help advise on this. Contact me for a chat!

More hints and tips, for Website Design in Kendal Cumbria, in the next post!