Make your business more professional with html email signatures. Links to your website and social media accounts automatically whenever you send an email.

  • Increases traffic to your website and to your social media accounts.
  • Looks professional and creates trust.
  • Increases brand awareness.
  • Makes contacting you easier for your customers.
  • Customers can call you directly from your email (mobiles).
  • All your links, easily accessible, in one place.

What is an Email Signature?

An email signature is a piece of code which is placed at the end of your email, or inside an email signature template. It normally displays your name, job title, business name, logo and a variety of contact options, including icons with links to social media accounts. An email signature gives your clients quick and easy ways to contact you.

Email signatures can be created to reflect the colours of your business brands.

The images & icons are stored on YOUR website server along with your website. They are not sent via a 3rd party host and there are no 3rd party watermarks or adverts.

Copy and paste your email code into your desktop email client i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook 16, Apple Mail, Spark, Airmail, etc.

You can add the signature to a signature template in most email platforms. This is usually done from within your email account's preferences, under settings. It is dependant on what you use, but it should be as simple as creating a new signature and copying and pasting the code inside.

How  much does an Email Signature cost?

No cost! HTML email signatures are included in all of my website design packages.

At the time of writing most Android email apps will not accept html signatures. You will only be able to display a text signature. This applies to the Windows 10 default Mail app as well.

Some email programmes are set to only display images when the owner clicks on a ‘display images’ link. This is nothing to do with the signature and is personal to the individual's email settings.