If you have a site that is a couple of years old, then it may be time to consider the benefits of updating it. We all see how fast the internet is growing, and if you are reliant on the web for new customers, then you need to grow with it.

Why? Each new business start-up is competition. If you have been around for three years or more, and have not made any changes to your website newer and more modern websites, that are active, will be overtaking you.

  • websites are no longer 'off the shelf' static brochures
  • websites need to be mobile responsive
  • websites need to have SSL security
  • websites need engaging content to give the best user experience
  • browsers are regularly updated for security, and websites need to be updated too
  • the content on your site needs to change to show Google that you are invested in providing value to your customers
How does Google rank a positive user experience?

  • structure of website
  • quality of content
  • time spent on the website
Google has specific guidelines for website structure. Websites that don't follow the structure will not rank highly organically.

Quality of content is one of the best ways of ensuring Google love. Google crawls your website for content, to match it up to a user's search entry. If your site doesn't contain much relevant and useful information, then Google will move on to the next one that does. Your website may be losing potential customers, and customers equal revenue.

How long a user stays on your website gives Google a clue as to how useful your content is. Remember, none of this is personal, it is algorithms!

There are many other elements that Google takes note of such as mobile friendliness, page speed, image compression, metadata to name a few.

If your website is struggling on the search engines, there will be a reason for it. It may be time to consider an update. If you think you might like to chat about this contact me.