Just as much effort needs to go into the planning of how your website appears on mobiles. In fact, depending on your business, a mobile website may take priority over the desktop.

Does that mean I need two websites?

No, Modern websites are built 'mobile' first. The mobile layout is worked on first in the design process, and then the desktop. Five years ago you would have had to have two websites, one for mobiles and one for desktops. Two lots of content to manage and update. Thankfully we have moved on! Now you have one that works for all screen sizes, including mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Why does it take different planning?

Careful planning is needed to decide on the priority content. Think of it from a user's point of view. They want to load fast websites, where they can easily find their information and not go through a month's worth of data in the process.

During the planning stages, we will work on what is minimum priority content for mobile users, and prioritise content flow to ensure user experiences:

  • fast load times
  • simple UI (user interface)
  • compressed images (and less of them if you have galleries)
  • easy Call to Action

It is not how many people visit your website that is important; it is how many of those visitors turn into conversions. In other words, how many of those visitors end up contacting you, buying a product or ordering a service, as a result of visiting your website. If your mobile is merely a mini version of your desktop, you could be losing potential clients. There are plenty of mobile websites for them to chose from. Google ranks websites in order of mobile-friendliness. If your customer ditches your site for the next one on the list, then you are passing your profits onto your competitors.

Mobile websites must be easy to use - don't make your customers work hard!

Tourism in Cumbria

A final point for business in Cumbria who are reliant on tourism. You need mobile a friendly website. There is much trade to be lost over not being found by potential customers searching locally while on the road. Holidaymakers will be searching for the following, from their mobiles:-

  • Hotels, Guest Houses & Holiday Cottages
  • Pubs, Inns & Restaurants
  • Activity Centres & Tourist Attractions
  • Hairdressers, Health & Wellness
  • Dentists, Doctors, & Health Clinics
If your business isn't easily accessible on a mobile, the next website (your competitor's) may be!