Your Homepage needs to contain as many relevant keywords as you can fit in without sounding as though you are trying too hard. Insert phrases that viewers are likely to search on. If possible have keywords on Headings at the top of the page. If someone searches on “loft insulation Kendal” and you have nothing on your Home page containing this phrase, then Google is more likely than not to pass you by.

Viewers have the option of trawling through many, many websites that Google will offer them as a result of their search. If they don’t find what they need immediately, THEY WILL swiftly move on to the next site on the list - there will be many for them to choose from.

For example, if you do a search for 'Blue Nosed Dolphins on Google' and you look at the top left-hand area of search engine results, you will see how many sites Google thinks are relevant to your search - (at time of writing) nearly 14,000,000! 

If your business was about Blue Nosed Dolphins, then that could be your potential competition! Okay, a bit of a bonkers example, but seriously it is worth thinking about how Google is going to rate your content against the content of other websites in your field.