Write your website content for your customers - not you!

If you want Google to send viewers your way, you have to show that the content on your website will please them when they get there. How can we do this?


  • Who are your viewers?
  • What do they want?
  • Have they got a goal?
  • Will they see clearly that you can help them achieve that goal?
  • What can you provide that your competitors can’t?
  • What is the Call to Action for your viewer?
Ask yourself these questions when you are writing your content. Viewers have so many sites that they can potentially look at; they don’t want to have to work hard to find the relevant info. Your content needs to grab them as soon as they find you. You have seconds to make an impression! Most likely, viewers will scan your Home Page to see if they have come to the right place. Use Heading titles to make this easy for them. Use two or three.. for example:-

- a page title
- section title
- paragraph title

Make the paragraphs short and RELEVANT. Write, write, write and then go back and cut, cut, cut…! Viewers will not read long and boring text.

Oh yes, and don't pinch content (text and images) from other websites, unless you are going to provide a backlink and attribute to the original source - it's just not cool.  Even if you are going to provide a backlink, think carefully as Google knows when content is not original. Spouting paragraphs of text that is found/taken from other sites may just get you downgraded in the rankings. This happens a lot with bloggers and Google is wise to this!