BIG Websites for smaller budgets

Examples of some of my Web Design Projects

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Website Design for Animal Rescue Shelter
Website Design for Holiday Cottage
Website Design for Handmade Flapjacks
Website Design for Tree Services in Cumbria
Website Design for Youth Voluntary Organisation
Website Design for HR Consultancy Business
Website Design for Local Children's Author & Illustrator
Website Design for Kendal Dentist
Website Design for Coffee House | Cafe | Restaurant
Website Design for Holiday Rental


As you will see from the examples above, no two websites are the same! Each one of my projects starts off as a blank page. You are your business, and it's important that your new website is as individual as you are - this is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd.


Functionality goes hand in hand with design. Website browsers are getting updated all of the time, and Developers have to work hard to keep up with the changes. My websites are based on Foundation by Zurb, which is one of the most advanced front-end frameworks available. We know this because there are some very famous brands using it - HP, Samsung, Ford, The North Face, National Geographic and more! The platform lends itself to a more modern full-screen look, and this is where I would like to me focussing my future builds.


We have all been on websites, looking for information, and come away after struggling to find it. Optimum customer experience is paramount. Easy and intuitive navigation is key - don't make your customer work hard to approach you.


Content is the most important part of your website. I work hard to get your website to function, and I build, from scratch, a personalised template to fit around your content. It's your job to provide the content for your website, and I can only work with what you give me. I have seen websites fall along the wayside in the past, purely because the website owners haven't paid much attention to the quality of information made available to the visiter. Google has changed the way it works, and rewards the websites who have up to date content, and most importantly content that is valuable to the visitor. Quality content will get you noticed by Google! I can give you advice on how you can structure your content that will be rewarded with Google love!

My preferred Work Style

Could you see your business stand out from the crowd with full-screen landing pages like these?

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