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SEO Reports & Advice in Cumbria

If you want to understand how you can improve your position on Google, then you need some SEO Smarts! You may have already searched for help with SEO, and found the results mind-boggling with baffling buzz words, intimidating with credentials and, just as importantly, too expensive for the smaller budget.

If you have an existing business website and you feel it is not reaching its full potential on the web, then my Website SEO Audit and Report service may help you.

I audit your site personally. I do not outsource the audits, and nor do I rely only on computer-generated reports. I also review your site from a user's perspective.

SEO does not happen magically. It takes time and effort. I will tell you the thing you need to know, but may not want to hear!

SEO audits for existing websites

SEO advice for self builds

Jargon Free & Easy to Understand!

This is what you will get:

  • SEO & Website Audit Report for your website and your business.
  • Actionable steps that you can take straight away to help improve your visibility in the search engines.
  • Insights into what your competitors are doing that you are not
  • A video walk-through of your website (requires a good internet connection)
  • Or a follow-up either in person or on the phone where you can ask me questions.

As a guide, 5-page Website & SEO Audit and Report would start at £135 but would be dependant on your website/business. Before any order is placed, I would gather some information from you, and also take an initial look at your site. If I don't feel you will benefit from the report, I will tell you upfront.

This service is particularly useful for individuals who manage their websites through Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace or similar, and who do not have access to a web developer who is working on their behalf.

Contact me to arrange a free initial chat about SEO in Cumbria.