BIG Websites for smaller budgets

How much should you budget?

The price of your project will depend on a number of factors, for example:

  • the size of your project - i.e number of pages
  • the style of your project - a complex fully featured design, will take longer to build than a simple design
  • how much of the website you want to be able to edit - editing just text and static images will take less time to build than creating a full CMS functionality for galleries, video and blog!

Quick Website Estimator

This estimator should be used as a guide only, the actual price of your website may be different depending on your requirements. Where I can, I will aim to give you a fixed quote, which will based on an initial agreement of style and content. Changes made to the original agreed design once project is underway may incur additional charges, and will be dependant on time involved.

applies to all sites
Basic CMS * £120
Advanced CMS * £220
Custom forms * from £49
Basic Paypal Shopping Cart ** from £79
Paypal Pro Cart (ECWID) ** from £249
SSL Certificate (https & padlock in browser) from £40
Additional cost for replacing an existing website *** from £75
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* for these features, there may be additional costs depending of the size and complexity of the project. I will go over these details with you.

** read this about shopping carts
*** may be more or less depending on the size of existing website.

Prices are based on the assumption that you will have provided me with all content (text and images), prior to the start of your project. The less you provide, the more I have to do this end which may incur additional charges. Delays for non-provision of content may also add an additional cost. In other words, the more organised you are, the less you pay!

A simple 5 page website with basic text and image editing built in would take around 35 hours (5 days) to build, with me working on your project full-time.

A 5 - 10 page website with more advance editing capability (i.e photo galleries, blog and/or video) would take longer to build. It's almost impossible to say, as it will vary from project to project. A very rough guide would be 50 - 70+ hours, with me working on your project full-time.

Other costs to consider

DOMAIN NAME If you haven't already got one, you will need to purchase a Domain Name (approx £7.99 + VAT a year if I will go through this with you.

Once built, your website will need to be hosted on the internet. I provide a Managed Hosting Service which is payable monthly or annually. Once your website is published there will be on-going maintenance and security updates. Rather than paying me by the hour to do this work, it is built into your hosting fee.

Read more about Domains and Hosting on my FAQ.