You may already have a domain name, but if you haven’t, it is worth thinking about a domain that contains Keywords - i.e words that viewers will be searching on. For example, is not a great domain name! It may be quite good if someone is searching for pineapples or lilies or the plant Pineapplelily, but it is not going to rank very high for a search on Website Design in Cumbria! However, I like it, it has been going for a few years, and so I am going to stick with it. I shall rely on you, my Clients, to spread the word and get me more business! So a better example might be - if you are starting a company providing Dog Grooming Services and you are based in Kendal, then maybe your domain could be - Google would recognise it more easily than

Of course, Pretty Posh Pooches may be better if you want a 'brand'. Keep this in mind. Branding works and sounds better - it will just take longer, and you will have to work a little harder to be recognised by the search engines. Don't let this put you off though. If your business is local, then your chances of ranking well on Google will be higher than if you were trying to attract customers at a national level. There are things that you can do to help Google love you. I will cover more in future posts....

You can also have domain names with hyphens, which is good if your one-word domain name is taken. Keep in mind that your customers don’t want to get their fingers in a tangle just typing in your web address - it is good to keep it as simple as possible.

IMPORTANT! Do a Google search on your proposed domain name. If you are registering as a business, ensure you are not using a branded name that is already in use - you could be forced to rename your business at a later date. Check with Companies House and do lots of researching on Google!

Also, if there is another similar domain name already in use, you may want to check its content - you wouldn’t want to be associated with anything dodgy!

Of course, much of where you will rank will depend on your competition. We will cover this in another post on things to consider with more musings on website design for your new business :)

Remember that I will help you set up a domain name - that is all included in your package. It's essential that you make sure that you are the owner of the domain name - no matter who builds your new website for you. I'll explain why in another post, on another day! So much to say....