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If you want to understand how you can improve your position on Google, then you need some SEO Smarts! You may have already done a search for help with SEO, and found the results mind-boggling with baffling buzz words, intimidating with credentials and, just as importantly, too expensive for the smaller budget.

If you have an existing small business website and you feel it is not reaching its full potential on the web, then my Website SEO Audit and Report service may help you.

You will receive a written SEO report personalised to your website and business. More than just a computer generated report, it will be in plain language that will be easy to understand. I love talking about SEO, and I will go through your report with you, on the phone or in person, to give you the opportunity to ask me any questions.

As a guide, a one-off Website & SEO Audit and Report starts at £99 for a small site of up to 5 pages.

It’s a bit of a buzz word, but website owners and designers need to be aware of it. It’s important - without it, your website will not be found on Google.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

It means setting up your website so that it is search engine friendly enough to gain Google love. Google is computer-based and uses complex calculations (algorithms) to index all websites. It will give you points for the good stuff, and take away points for the bad stuff. Bad stuff can include poor structure, low-quality content, slow loading, duplicate data and a whole host of other web tech stuff. Certain practices are actively frowned on, which can get your website blacklisted and removed from the search engines completely!

Google doesn’t hang around, and it whizzes through thousands of websites in seconds (actually way more - literally millions). It doesn’t have the time to be emotional about you, your business or your content. Google rewards websites that are current, interesting and operating within its guidelines.

I am a Web Developer, but I will put my SEO data analyst hat on and use industry software to analyse your website. I will personally go through the results and translate it into an easy to understand SEO report, detailing immediate steps that you can take to improve your position with Google. In addition to this, I will take time to research your competitors to understand what they are doing better than you. You need this information if you want to get ahead.

  • Is the content of your website set up in line with Google's recommendations?
  • Errors and broken links - are there errors on your website that Google will identify?
  • Competitor Research - what are they doing that you are not?
  • What can you do outside of your website to enhance your rankings?
  • Does Google regard your content as quality content?
  • Are you using social media to boost your search engine optimisation?

I will answer all of these questions and more.

The price is for the SEO Audit and Report only, and does not include any additional consulting or training time, which can be booked separately if you want any further advice. This service is particularly useful for individuals who manage their own websites through Wordpress, Wix, SquareSpace or similar, and who do not have access to a web developer who is working on their behalf.

This advice may not be suitable for all, which is why I offer a free, no obligation chat before hand. If I don’t feel I can help you, I will be honest and say so!

Contact me to arrange a free initial chat about SEO in Cumbria.

Sarah was able to sort out a brand new website at really short notice. She was very approachable and helpful when it came to the techie stuff. Already sales have grown and we would highly recommend Sarah to anyone who was looking for value for money!
Liz, KendalJackSmiths (Kendal)
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