BIG Websites for smaller budgets

Musings & Tips about Website Design

Link your website to external sites

Google gives greatest respect, and best rankings, to sites that other sites respect. If you have a link from another site to your website then that will show Google that others like you enough to link to you. Hints and tips for Website Design, Kendal, Cumbria

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Writing content for your website - Part 1

What you have in your content, particularly on your Home page needs to be relevant to your business -  otherwise Google will pass you by as there will undoubtably be lots of competition! More hints and tips about your website design in the next post!

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Writing content for your website - Part 2,

When your visitors come to your website they are looking for something. They need to see, within seconds whether the information on your website is going to be useful to them. Write for your viewers, not for you.

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You are your business - be human!

Your website is the perfect platform for you to show how passionate you are about your business. You can decide whether you are just 'selling' your product or service for money OR if you are 'helping people' with your product and service and getting paid for it. There's a difference! Tips on how you can let your personality shine on your website.

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