Web Design Pricing

How much does a website cost?

The price of your project will depend on a number of factors:

The size of your project - i.e., number of pages

The style of your project - a complex fully featured design, will take longer to build than a simple design.

How much of the website you want to be able to edit - editing just text, and static images will take less time to build than creating a full CMS functionality for galleries, video, and blog.

Additional scripts needed to run, for example, appointment schedulers, events, workshops, hotel reservations, holiday cottage bookings etc.

Other costs to consider

DOMAIN NAME If you haven't already got one, you will need to purchase a Domain Name (approx £7.99 + VAT a year if .co.uk). I will go through this with you.

Once I have built your website it will need to be hosted on the internet. I provide a Managed Hosting Service which is payable monthly or annually. When a website is published, there are on-going maintenance and security updates. Rather than paying me by the hour to do this work, it is built into your hosting fee. The cost of hosting is dependant on the level of support required.

Read more about Domains and Hosting on my FAQ.

Once we have had a chance to talk about your project, everything will fall into place.

I will, where I can, give you a fixed quote, based on an initial agreement of style and content.

If halfway through the project, you have a change of heart and want to make changes that significantly alter the original agreed design, then I am happy to give you a quote for the extra work. This allows for creativity and flexibility while honouring any additional time involved.


Again, this is just a guide!

A simple 5-page website with basic CMS (text and image editing) would take approximately 35 hours (5 days) to build, with me working on your project full-time.

A 5 - 10-page website with more advanced CMS editing capability (i.e photo galleries, blog and/or video) would take longer to build. It's almost impossible to say, as it will vary from project to project. A very rough guide would be 50 - 70+ hours, with me working on your project full-time

Can I help?

Get in touch if you’re having problems, need something specific or have questions about any of my website services.

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